Family Kicks

Phillips Family

The Family That Kicks Together Sticks Together!

This class integrates various components from our other classes offering its students the opportunity to stay engaged at a variety of levels. The kids have a great time watching mom and dad laugh, play and learn together in a healthy, fun-filled environment!

Family Kicks builds on the foundation of family and focuses on the basic skills of Tae Kwon Do while encouraging a healthy, happy family lifestyle through balance, focus and nutrition. Adults and children work side by side as they learn their exercises and patterns. Exercise and pattern movements are preformed using a unique learning methodology designed by Mr. Roop that incorporates geography, U.S. history and basic anatomy.

By the time a student reaches the rank of black belt he/she will know all of the countries of the world, bones of the body, Presidents of the U.S., the 50 States and their capitals and be able to count in 5 different languages. Mr. Roop has learned that cognitive learning is enhanced when fun, movement, repetition are encouraged.

This class incorporates all of those attributes!

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