Little Kicks

Little Kicks 1

Little Kicks Produces Big Rewards!

This program has been specifically designed for children ages 6 – 10 and concentrates on their 8 basic listening and motor skills:

• Focus
• Listening
• Awareness
• Control
• Attitude
• Confidence
• Character
• Discipline

At this age, children are in a unique growth period in their lives. We recognize their physical, emotional, social and intellectual skills and work with them in a fast, fun, encouraging and engaging fashion that rewards and motivates our students.

Our Little Kicks students learn Tae Kwon Do based on fun, safe and creative learning drills, and they develop strong friendships among themselves with our instructors leading as positive role models.

It really is basic training for children who are:

Fast moving, curious, fun-loving and most importantly, our future!

Please contact us to learn how your child can join in on our Little Kicks fun!