Teen Kicks


Self-Confidence Makes The Difference!

Our Teen Kicks class is for kids’ ages 11-15 years old who cope best in life when they have the confidence to lead.

The confidence to lead themselves in good choices and the confidence to lead their friends in a positive way. We want them to be aware of their growing strength and teach them to be responsible with their skills and in life.

From the age of 11 growth and development is varied.
Emotional challenges are very real for pre-teens and
teens so there is no better time for them to learn to
feel good about themselves. And there is no better way
than through TaeKwon Do which supports other sports and
activities – especially school work.

No two children move at the same pace.

As we teach our 11-15 year olds, we need to be mindful that
they are no longer children but they are far from adults.

This is why we need to separate them into their own age group, allowing them to learn from mistakes as they broaden their outlook, taking on new responsibilities and venturing into areas not yet explored.

We need to challenge them and keep them interested and enthusiastic; continued improvement through Tae Kwon Do reflective in all areas of their lives.

Involvement in class and testings of all ranks is part of our Teens’ growth and development.

Through Tae Kwon Do we are encouraging our Teens to see the importance of :

• Goal Setting
• Participation
• Perseverance
• Completion of tasks
• Resisting bad peer pressure
• Acknowledgement of achievement
• Enjoying success

Tae Kwon Do will capture your Teen’s undivided attention and channel their energy in a positive and healthy manner.

Let us be involved in their growth and development as they dream and believe in their future!

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