Wee Kicks

Kids for Rotator

Wee Kicks Tae Kwon Do is for your wee ones who can’t wait to get started at Superkicks!

This program has been specifically designed for children ages 3-5 who can’t wait to be a part of the Superkicks
family. This class provides your wee one’s the opportunity to explore that world while giving them the confidence to
grow to the next class level. This class is intended for child and parent attendance and is new to the Superkicks class offerings.

We offer a simple, one visit a week membership for our Wee Kickers and no belt testing at this level.
This class highlights co-ordination, memorization and life skills through the vehicle of Taekwondo in a fun, healthy, positive environment with a positive foundation that includes healthy messages and themes.

Parents and children alike will thoroughly enjoy this very special, quality Wee Kick time.

Contact us to get your Wee Kicker started today!