Exploring Superkicks


For just $25, Superkicks for America offers you a very special introductory program that includes one private lesson for personal assessment, one regular class recommended after the assessment, and much more.

From day one, we are committed to building your motivation, self esteem, health and fitness.

We have well-trained and qualified professional instructors who provide individualized attention and assessments. Personal training sessions can be private or semi-private, and we even encourage the entire family to join in at no additional cost.

The Exploring Superkicks Offer Includes:
• The first half of the offer will consist of a 30 minute “one on one” private/semi-private/family training session with Kerry Roop, followed by admission into a regular class setting to determine whether the recommended class is right for you.
• During the lessons you will learn a variety of Tae Kwon Do skills that will allow you the opportunity to truly understand what we offer, identify your goal(s) and determine how long it will take you to get there.
• Mr. Roop will sit down with you after your assessment and talk with you on the overall importance of nutrition and exercise in balance as well as the attitude and confidence it will take to achieve your goal(s). This is also the time for you to have all of your questions answered.

This is the ideal way to discover if you would like to start on the path to living a healthy lifestyle as you make the journey to achieving the level of black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Added Value:
You’ll see the value in your Tae Kwon Do development as you begin to attend classes and become a part of the Superkicks family.

In addition to the physical aspects of Tae Kwon Do you will learn the secrets to increased energy and develop a healthier outlook on life.

Great programs that fit the needs of everyone:
• We offer separate classes for Wee Kicks 3-5 yrs, Little Kicks 6-10 yrs, Teen Kicks 11-16 yrs, Adults 17 yrs+ and Families of all ages.
• White Belt to Black Belt and Beyond with Mr. Roop’s unique teaching style keeps students and parents engaged for life.
• Admission to the Black Belt Academy for all students who attain the level of Black Belt