Schools and Superkicks

Carolina's Classroom Celebrity!

Carolina’s Classroom Celebrity!

Single sessions, multiple block sessions or ongoing programs for small or large school groups.

At Superkicks for America will provide you with two options you can choose to participate at Superkicks for America or Mr. Roop can come to you. Should you choose to come to Superkicks the school will be your’s exclusive during your scheduled time.

We will tailor your session to suit your needs. Below are some examples of what we can do for you:

Basic Taekwondo
Learn the foundations of the world’s most popular martial art; basic kicking, blocking and self defense. Students will gain confidence and try something new while learning martial art values, discipline and self respect.

Self Defense
This class Empowers its students and can be taught as a male/female or mixed class. Students will learn to be street safe as well as how to defend themselves should a dangerous situation arise. More importantly, they will learn to avoid dangerous situations with a sensible mindset respecting themselves and others.

Fitness Challenge
Our Fitness Challenge class motivates students to take their health and fitness seriously by getting students moving and enjoying physical activity. Why not help them discover fitness with meaning and challenge them to be fit for life?

No Bully Zone
Our No Bully Zone class educates students on how to avoid, resolve and manage conflicts with bullies, while preventing students from becoming bullies by teaching awareness, self control and teaching respect for each other through a martial arts mindset.

Motivational Coaching
Successfully coaching students can take your students beyond sports and into all areas of their lives. Your students will learn to step out of their comfort zone and develop a mentality that will encourage them to consistently aspire to achieve their personal best.


Simple and Convenient
Mr. Roop maintains flexibility in his schedule to allow for the best experience possible. An experience that is designed specifically to meet each classes unique need.

Skills For Life
Mr. Roop works on building a solid foundation; a foundation that concentrates on character and accountability; developing the whole person from the inside and out.

Creating Life-Long Habits
Simple and easy habits that build confidence, self-esteem and healthy body image.

Mr. Roop has been teaching Taekwondo in Rochester for more than 35 years. His experience and approach proves to be unsurpassed year after year.

Relationships Long Term
Mr. Roop understands the various developmental stages of children, and is exceptionally sensitive to the needs of those children who may need additional guidance and support which is why he has developed and cultivated programs to target specific age groups and abilities.

Positive Results
The positive results of Mr. Roop’s approach can be seen in the faces of his students and in the testimonials of their parents who say his influence has often time changed the course of students lives. As an instructor, mentor and friend, Mr. Roop is a great role model and inspires success in the hearts of his students.

Tailored To Suit Your Needs
Our programs’ flexibility allow Mr. Roop to work with you to meet and often exceed your desired goal(s).