Family Kicks
Classes offered daily

Family Kicks builds on the foundation of family and focuses on the basic skills of Tae Kwon Do while encouraging a healthy, happy family lifestyle through balance, focus and nutrition.

Personal Training Sessions
One-on-One, Small Groups, Sport Specific & Endurance Specific
Let us help you achieve your health & fitness goals!

Let us help you achieve your health & fitness goals, and teach you how to maintain a healthy lifesytle for life!

Happy Birthday!
Let Superkicks host your next birthday party. Mr. Roop can show you how. Call now for details.

*All you have to do is bring the cake and invite the guests & Mr. Roop will do the rest!

Teen Kicks Ages 11 – 15 a wonderful opportunity to give your teenager the self-confidence they need to succeed!

Classes on held on Tuesday & Thursday. This class will empower your teens and teach them to be leaders among their peers in school, sports and life!

Wee Kicks (Ages 3-5)

This program has been specifically designed for children ages 3-5 who can’t wait to be a part of the Superkicks family. This class provides your wee one’s the opportunity to explore that world while giving them the confidence to grow to the next class level. This class is intended for child and parent attendance and is new to the Superkicks class offerings.

Little Kicks (Ages 6-10)

This program has been specifically designed for children ages 6 – 10 and concentrates on their 8 basic listening and motor skills. At this age, children are in a unique growth period in their lives. We recognize their physical, emotional, social and intellectual skills and work with them in a fast, fun, encouraging and engaging fashion that rewards and motivates our students.

Teen Kicks (Ages 11-15)

Our Teen Kicks class is for kids’ ages 11-15 years-old who cope best in life when they have the confidence to lead – the confidence to lead themselves in good choices and the confidence to lead their friends in a positive way. We want them to be aware of their growing strength and teach them to be responsible with their skills and in life.

Family Kicks (All Ages & Belt Levels)

This class allows the entire family to be involved and be a part of the Superkicks family! This class integrates various components from our other classes offering its students the opportunity to stay engaged at a variety of levels. The kids have a great time watching mom and dad laugh, play and learn together in a healthy, fun-filled environment!

Adult Kicks (Ages 16+)

Our Adult Kicks class is uniquely designed for students of all belt levels ages 16+. In this class students will move at a faster pace for growth and learning – the expectation is that all Adult Kick students are committed to achieving their personal best and working hard to achieve their goals. All classes are carefully planned and designed to progress you steadily towards Black Belt.