Birthday Parties

Superkicks birthday parties are jam-packed with fun activities, fully organized and supervised by qualified staff, plus all the food you can eat, making your birthday party a hit with your friends.

Sit back and leave it to us!

Your Superkicks birthday package includes:

Even Mr. Roop has his birthday parties at Superkicks!

              Even Mr. Roop has his birthday parties at Superkicks!

• 2 hours of sheer fun with Kerry Roop
• Matted area for fun, safe activities designed specifically for each age group
• Fun games for everyone to join in
• To add your family touch to the atmosphere we have you bring the cake.
• Certificates presented
• Superkicks gift bags for all the guests that include free trail passes for party guests and their families
• Tae Kwon Do Trophy for the Birthday Champ tops off a great celebration
• Special Feature: Birthday person breaks wood!
• Don’t forget your video camera!

*Board break is carefully planned and organized for success
**Two hour minimum

Note to parents:
Please be reassured that after years of running birthday parties and understanding the physical and social stages of children, Superkicks for America Birthday Parties are carefully pitched to their age groups and designed for 1.5 hrs duration to maximize enjoyment and finish on a high note. We guarantee your guests will love your party! Warning however, they may ask you about getting started in Tae Kwon Do. We’ve made it easy for you by including a Free Introductory Pass in each gift bag so they can have a free one-on-one assessment and also experience a Tae Kwon Do class to see how they enjoy it.

Contact us to plan your birthday celebration today!